Where We Stand proposal
for Granary Square

To signpost the two meter social distancing requirement, we adopted the grid of the thousand jets set in London’s Granary Square.
To maintain the sense of abandon of crowds mingling pre-Covid, as well as the freshness the water brings - We used colour, scale, and lingo of friendship and warmth from around the world. The result is a pattern of versatile graphic islands, some populated with phonetic greetings to encourage conversations about culture and meaning, and in doing so, strengthen our community spirit.

Design for public spaces
Collaboration with Sthuthi Ramesh and Where We Stand

Al Itihad Newspaper 

During the portfolio rebrand of Abu Dhabi Media company in 2019, I looked at the redesign of the leading newspaper in the UAE. The new brandmark retained some typographic features from the old mark, and moved the brand to the digital age. 

Typography / Brand system / Brand architecture In collaboration with Pentagram and Omina 


I worked with Apple for two years, as a design and culture consultant covering a multitude of functions: Concept and design of the first two barricades for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi stores; build of their first bespoke Arabic typeface designed to match their corporate Latin typeface at the time; audit of their iOS system on iPhone and iPad to show where the UX could improve for Arabic; Strategy and implementation of the first right to left website in Arabic.

Creative Consultancy / Typographic Consultancy


In 2013, I was part of the team that was behind the design of the tourism brand for the Emirate of Dubai. The chosen mark was inspired by the cultural fusion that is Dubai, harmoniously combining the Arabic and Latin alphabets, reflecting a city where the world comes together. It was intended to be adopted under a unified brand architecture by all government departments, delivering public services under a coherent and consistent voice.

Brand Identity / Brand Architecture / Brand Guidelines
In collaboration with M&C Saatchi Export

Majid TV and magazine

The new Majid logo unites the TV and magazine brands, by dropping all effects from previous logos, refining the type and bringing both entities under one voice. The result is streamlined for a modern brand that speaks not only for an Emirati Majid, but for all kids in the Middle East.  

Brand system / Brand architecture / Brand Guidelines
In collaboration with Pentagram, Art&Graft and Safar Studio

Abu Dhabi Sports

Abu Dhabi Sports belongs to the Abu Dhabi Media portfolio, that went through a redesign in 2019. I led the project at Pentagram redesigning the 22 brand systems, a bespoke typeface, tone of voice and extended guidelines.

The concept for Abu Dhabi Sports used the idea of lines, start lines, racing lines, finishing lines. The Arabic Kashida was used to set that line on and off air.

Brand system / Brand architecture / Brand Guidelines
In collaboration with Pentagram and Nomad Studios

Ahlan Simsim

I worked as a creative director with M&C Saatchi World Services to help Sesame Street name and brand their new programme, Ahlan Simsim. The purpose of Ahlan Simsim is to deliver early learning and care to children and caregivers affected by the Syrian conflict.

I created the Arabic logotype, defined their brand library and its best usage against the highly charged political backdrop.

Creative direction / Brand Identity / Creative consultancy
In collaboration with M&C Saatchi World Services

National Charter Monument

The National Charter Monument celebrates the relationship between HH King of Bahrain and its people. In 2010, I worked on the brand design and brand book for the museum, a monument for the National Charter and for Bahraini traditions.

Brand identity / Brand Guidelines
In collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates