Brand identity leveraging science and technology to service humanity.

In 2023, Right to Left worked with Somewhere More Near to create a brand identity and website for Horizons Ventures, an investment company that leverages science and technology to service humanity.

The bespoke wordmark we designed combined the circle, a representation of nature and humanity with a square, representing technology, logic and science, resulting in ownable letterforms where the R, for example, shows a rectangular counter with a circular exterior. The concept carried through the website’s visual language, where circles and squares intersected, merged, and changed form, symbolising the nature of Horizon Ventures, a company that invests in entrepreneurs working to achieve human aspirations through the use of hard science.

Horizon Ventures is a project by Right to Left and SMN

Brand identity package
Creative direction: Samar Maakaroun
Design team: Chung Hin Ching, Yi-Zhi Huang, Fantine Debreuil

Strategy & project management 
Something More Near
Simon Myers, Helen Scibilia

Web development
Midnight Agency

Story and words
Toby Ingram, Scarlett