Major rebrand across an iconic media portfolio in print and TV, with a dynamic typographic system to weave everything together.

Abu Dhabi Media oversees 22 brands across TV, radio and publishing across the Middle East. Over two years, I led the creative team at Pentagram alongside Angus Hyland to rebrand the full portfolio. With the aim of building a coherent, audience-centric, sustainable brand for the 21st century, we created a new brand identity, brand strategy and brand architecture to reflect the vision of ADM.

Majid appeared in print format as a children’s magazine, known and loved by kids across the Arab world, and a TV channel, broadcasting from the UAE.  Named after an Arab navigator and cartographer born in the UAE,  the brand has grown over time to include several other characters, including Kaslan, Fadooly, Fateen, Ammonia and Captain K. Over the course of two years, I led the team at Pentagram to rebrand Majid, in print and digital. I redesigned the brand mark, refining the typography and using the diacritic as a gateway to the worlds of Majid.

We collaborated with Art & Graft on the TV package, while we designed and built a bespoke bilingual typeface that unified the voice of the Abu Dhabi Media portfolio and connected its properties.

Majid brand is a project by Pentagram

Partner & creative direction:
Angus Hyland
Design lead:
Samar Maakaroun
Project management:
Vicky Ryan
Design team:
Marisa Pinana Rovira, Jess Yanzio, Jonny Holmes
Federicco Gaggio, Samar Maakaroun
Print design package:
Pentagram & Studio Safar
TV package:
Pentagram & Art & Graft