Social media campaign during Ramadan, celebrating moments of collective celebration and the contemplation of prayer.

Porsche approached Right to Left to create a social campaign for Ramadan, taking inspiration from their tagline 'Our dreams drive us’ or أحلامنا تقودنا in Arabic.

As Ramadan is a time of individual reflection as well as collective celebration, we wanted to highlight that dichotomy by using a visual concept that allows for this contradiction. Our creative solution was inspired by Musharrabiyeh, a traditional element of Islamic architecture which contains a see-through wall, dividing  and uniting at the same time.

We created a set of eight typographic walls with interconnected letters, using the circular composition of the moon and integrating the line within. Here, the letters connect the structure and yet are not directly visible. Instead, they are discovered, sometimes using light and colour, sometimes through the movement of the camera, to highlight the feeling of coming together in celebration or separating in prayer.

Porsche Ramadan is a project by Keko creative

Partner creative agency:
Right to Left

Typography, creative concept and direction:
Samar Maakaroun

Animation and concept visualisation:
Manuel Teveny

Design team:
Claudia Chiavazza, Hin Ching Chung, Yi-Zhi Huang

Production company:
Black Rhino
Michel Harb, Michelle Ayoub, Georges Aramouni, Dimitri Norsik

BTS Production company:
Act Natural
Robin Fraser, Joel Stagg, Florence Creffield

Creative agency:
Nora Ferneine, Sandy McIntosh, Rolf Eggers, Aaron Leung, Hisham Al Abbas, Shrey Sharma