City-wide destination brand, rooted in a unique place where the world comes together.

In 2013, I led the design team at M&C Saatchi, who delivered a city-wide tourist brand for the Emirate of Dubai.

Working closely with stakeholders through a nine-month process, we delivered a visual solution that integrates two languages, English and Arabic, in an engaging, compact form.

The Marque, adopted as a symbol of Dubai by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2014, was inspired by the cultural fusion within the city. By harmoniously combining the Arabic and Latin alphabets, the result reflects Dubai’s unique position as a city where the world comes together. It is a unified brand architecture for all government departments, delivering public services under a coherent and consistent voice.

Today the brand lives on, nine years in, and is still very much loved by the Emiratis and the Arab world beyond.

Dubai city brand is a project by M&C Saatchi

Creative direction:
Matt Beaumont 

Dan Izbicki

Art direction;
Phil Reedy

Design lead:
Samar Maakaroun

Ma’n Abu Taleb

Design team:
Samar Maakaroun, Tod Butler, Cos Georgiou, Peter Jackson

Account  management:
Jessica Wardle, Victoria Austin, Luke Nokes, Will De Arte Morris, Alex Lemecha Sim, David Glass, Patrick Walsh